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Yoga Classes
After many years of being drawn back to Kristin’s classes again and again, I can say that she is one of the most authentic and intelligent yoga instructors I have ever known. As a result of her deep understanding of anatomy and yoga postures, and her detailed instructions, I always come from her classes feeling better than I did when I arrived. Many yoga teachers just teach the class, but Kristin makes a point of getting to know her students which builds community and keeps people coming back. She has a warm, fun presence that makes me feel that she truly cares about me. I have learned much from Kristin, but perhaps most poignantly is the teaching of viveka or discernment. She has taught me that wellness is not necessarily about being “fit” but about knowing one’s body. Through the yoga postures we are able to discern what our bodies need, whether strengthening or stretching, challenge or rest. The yogi learns to balance these extremes, listening day by day for what is needed. Kristin has informed my understanding of yoga as a healing modality that is accessible to all, and that empowers people to heal themselves through breath and knowledge of their own bodies. I am forever grateful for the teachings she has so freely offered and see her as a truly positive force for peace, healing and love.

I met Kristin through a friend and began attending her classes. I knew immediately I wanted to continue to study with her because she brings a spiritual element to her teaching that is more grounding and deep than just a physical practice alone. I had just experienced several losses and was at a point of needing to face some issues from the past. Kristin creates an environment in which it is safe for me to be myself, however awful I may feel on any particular day. She makes coming to class safe and comforting. I began to realize yoga has so many more layers than the physical. At first I was afraid of the powerful emotional responses brought on by certain poses but Kristin has guided me to trust that the process unfolds in my own unique way. I am grateful for her guidance, acceptance and for holding the space in a safe and beautiful heart-felt way.

Early developmental PTSD does not define me but sometimes I get lost in that wasteland. More than once, I have been triggered in yoga class. Especially during pranayama. (breathing exercises)
Even in a large class, I can “feel” Kristin’s one-on-one attention — ‘action at a distance’ — from across the room. It is not an intense energy. It is soft and gentle. Reminds me of a baby’s blanket, if that makes any sense. Kristin embodies a kind of indigenuity for grace and compassion. I know this sounds corny but that kind of honey-girdled attention, I have not yet experienced with any other yoga teacher. Kristin knows how to hold a space .. for more than one person at a time. How does she do that? I haven’t a clue. I wonder if presence begets presence. She knows how to blur the lines between the observer and the observed. There are very few places I feel safe; I mean really safe. I feel safe with Kristin Honey. She helps me find my breath. Finding my breath allows me to experience inspiration on and off the mat. In Kristin’s class, I repeatedly fall in love with my own body.

You’re always so great at creating a safe space where people can just be! I feel more like myself. The restorative was truly healing. Thank you thank you. I haven’t slept that much in months!

Pelvic Health
Such a great introduction to a fundamental part of your body’s system! Kristin has a dynamic teaching style that translates into an inclusive, comfortable, and fun workshop atmosphere. I loved the movement in the third session!

Kristin’s series of pelvic health workshops were both informative and empowering. We approached an area of the body that is often often overlooked in other workshops and learned about it not only from a physical perspective, but also from emotional and spiritual viewpoints as well. We learned practical movement and breathing techniques that could be adapted according to personal needs. Kristin is highly knowledgeable, approachable and compassionate in her approach to teaching this workshop. By providing a safe space and a relaxed atmosphere participants were able to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. This workshop would be of great benefit not only to those who have had any pelvic health issues, but also to anyone who would like to learn more about this important area of the body and experience greater awareness.

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.
Our bodies are fascinating, complex, and always changing.
This very knowledgeable, wonderful woman will encourage you and fill you with an understanding and exploration of your pelvic health in ways you were not aware of. Regardless of your awareness, or knowledge of your body, or the current condition of your pelvic health, I ensure you, that you will leave with insight on an area of the body that isn’t addressed enough.
And if you are apprehensive, please take comfort in knowing that Kristin is very warm, humbling, and a welcoming professional.
I highly recommend and encourage this workshop to all…including men.
k.ob, RMT, SMT(cc)

X Marks the Spot
The Pelvic Floor Workshop is for women who want to explore where they came from so that they are better able to explore where they are. In a safe and fertile atmosphere of mind and body awareness, I experienced a powerful kindred resonance and for the first time, “pelvic floor love”

Loved it!! Engaging! Excellent teaching and guiding. This really got me thinking, feeling, sharing!”

I cant believe how SAFE I felt in a workshop exploring the most traumatized part of my body … thank you.

Life changing course Kristin, thank you! I love the exercises and found the workshop so very useful!

I think the workshop series was fantastic and I wish I had had the opportunity to learn about all of this and attend such a workshop when I was younger! It’s so important. I hope to find opportunities to bring the topic up with friends. I cannot imagine where I woudl be if I had not been introduced to pelvic health physiotherapist by my midwife. Thank you for doing such an important service!!
Very informative workshop, and practical. So much great information! The perfect amount!

Such beauties of wisdom and knowledge!

This workshop was really useful and very well done! You both have a passion for the topic, and such valuable experience. Thank you!!!

I feel so much more positive in my knowledge and awareness of my body! More positive about the ways I can awaken, soften, strengthen my pelvic floor and myself.

I will use the practices from this workshop again and again and again!

Great dynamic and balance between Kristin and Fraser! Perfect pacing, and really complimented one another. So well balanced Yin and Yang!
Excellent pedagogy!

The Pelvic floor workshop had so many interesting and applicable teaching/learning moments. Personally I found it helpful to be in a group of women sharing their stories, learnings, fears and joys. The material was broad and specific – I have continued with practices developed in the workshop series and expect that I will use many of these
new tool/learnings for years to come.

Yoga in the Workplace/Corporate Retreat
Kristin took the time to understand not only our conference objectives, but also what we were looking for specifically by offering yoga at our recent annual leader’s conference. In our planning discussions, Kristin was more interested in exploring “the fit” rather than getting us to sign her on. The class itself, was custom-tailored to our audience. Kristin delivered a dynamic session that appealed to a broad range of experience: from novice to long-term practitioners. Feedback from participants was unanimously favourable! Our organization takes employee wellness seriously. I would most definitely consider involving Kristin in future conferences. She was a perfect “fit” for us!
Stephen L., HR Consultant