About Kristin

Kristin lives, practices and teaches in Guelph, Ontario and has been teaching for more than two decades. A curious and constant student, she is also a mentor and community builder who’s approach is rooted in her own experience, in multiple facets of movement including:  yoga, ELDOA, functional movement, somatics and the Buddhist infused meditation traditions that have most influenced her practice and way of being in the world.

Her playful curiosity and passion for the simple foundations of body awareness, breath and embodied presence keep her continually exploring methods that bring her and her students more deeply into themselves and support and enhance their nervous systems, vitality and daily lives. Her teachings are intelligent, warm and full of heart, encouraging students to gain insight from their own felt experience.

Kristin is an End-of-Life Care Practitioner interested in how our awareness and experience of death inspires life.  Her love of the capacity of our nervous system has led her to Somatic Experiencing and she is presently a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner In-Training – Advanced Level.

Her passion for pelvic health education began over 15 years ago with teachers Susanne Kemmerer and Ramanand Patel. She offers workshops, classes and privates in general, and specific to pelvic health, and continues to study and collaborate with Pelvic Health Solutions, local pelvic floor physiotherapists, health practitioners and other movement educators.